9 Dirtiest Body Parts That We Never Thought Were Dirty

What will your answer be if someone asks you what is your dirtiest part of the body? It may be anus perhaps.

There are a lot of people who consider the anus as the dirtiest part of their body, as it is in contact with faecal matter. But, some scientists at Harvard School of dental medicine have discovered that there are more than 615 different kinds of bacteria messing up with our mouth, tongue and some other parts making them dirty of dirties.

So, you should look on these parts below and get more information:

1. Mouth

This can be something shocking for you to know that your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body. The scientists from the Harvard school of dental medicines have proven that the mouth is the house of 600 different types of bacteria. So, we hope you got the point to clean your mouth properly.

2. Armpits

Did you know that your armpit is collection of more than 80,000 bacteria and that’s why it stinks?
Deodorants and perfumes may smell good but they cannot actually deal with those germs. Your job is to clean them daily with good antibacterial soap.

3. Ears

The wax which is in the ears provides lubrication to the ear canal and protects from various bacteria, insects and water, but because of this ear wax the ear is the dirtiest part of our body. If we not clean them it can lead to fungal infections. Our ears have self – cleansing ability but we still need to maintain outer hygiene.

4. Tongue

Along with our mouth, the tongue is also a house of bacteria sticking to it. Because of bacteria, the tongue changes it color. So, every time that you clean your mouth, don’t forget to clean your tongue along with tongue cleaner.

5. Finger nails

If you love having long nails, it is good to know that the skin under the nails have deadliest bacteria which could lead to death if it is not cleaned properly. This is the reason why you should always clean your hands and nails before you eat and make food. These bacteria could be very harmful, so be careful and beware.

6. Head

The itching in your head cannot only be caused by dandruff itself, unless it got mixed with some bacteria which makes our head another dirtiest part of the body. You should wash your hair on regular basis, in order to avoid these bacteria eating your scalp.

7. Belly button

And of course, the belly button is also included in this list. It may be seen clean but could serve as a den for some unseen bacteria. If you not clean your naval, it may form a naval stone in your belly button which can latter take form of tumor. This is necessary to clean it in the proper way every time you take a bath.

8. Bottoms

We don’t need to discuss more about this, because we know that many bacteria stay in dirty things, so that the anus can be another in the list of dirty parts, unless it is cleaned in the proper way.

9. Nasal cavity

It is on your face and you have not noticed any dirt in your nose, but still it is surrounded by many negligible bacteria. You also need to give attention in cleaning this part of your body.

Source: Live Healthy With US

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