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Chiropractor Urges Everyone ‘Never Sleep On Your Right Side’

Always Sleep on The Left Side of The Body! Here’s Why!

More than 40% of Americans sleep less than they should, leaving us weary, bleary, and at greater risk for depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, and several chronic health conditions.

Do You Drool When You Sleep? You Are Very Lucky Then And We Will Explain Why.

You would tell the truth or you would lie if a friend asks you if you drool oversleeping. The most common answer is no, because for some, it is embarrassing to imagine it in that situation.

7 Foods That Put You to Sleep Instantly

Are you having difficulties with falling asleep, or you keep waking up through the night? Not getting enough sleep can be very critical for your health. Many health issues like high levels of stress, cardiovascular ailments, obesity , hypertension, type 2-diabetes and many others may cause some serious problems with sleeping.

The Recommended Sleep Times According To The National Sleep Foundation

Good night’s sleep is of utmost importance, and your body needs time to rest and restore its systems. But, many people have an irregular sleeping pattern, and insomnia is a leading cause for the development of many ailments.