Try This New Healthy Vegetable Dye Of Different Colors! Stunning Method And Spectacular Results!

You should forget those chemical and toxic dyes which have an extremely negative effect on your hair and you should learn how to make a vegetable dye which is harmless and effective, in your own home.

In case you didn’t know, preparing a natural dye is actually an ancient technique which originates from Asia, and nowadays it can still be repeated without any complications.

The dye is usually used for clothes, but it may also be used for coloring your hair as well. In the same way, this dye may also be used for culinary purposes.

Among the vegetables which are most used to prepare these dyes are beet and carrot, and these two will actually give you a wonderful color.

Likewise, these two vegetables usually give a striking appearance to our meals.

On the contrary, chemical dyes have a strong effect on everything where it is applied. Also, it is not a secret that their effects are not positive in any sense to the human body.

So, a better alternative will be to prepare totally natural dyes, as we can be sure that they won’t have any harmful effects on our body.

The dyes which we are going to present you in today’s article are prepared from vegetables, fruits and some parts of plants.

In order to achieve this, we must grind half a cabbage grate 1 medium-sized carrot and 1 beet.

After we boil water in a large bowl, we should submerge the vegetables and leave about 20 minutes until the color of the water changes to a deep red.

The next thing which we are going to do is pour the water and store the vegetable dye in an airtight container. You can use this liquid for dyeing some fabric, by using a brush or a swab.

In order to achieve more vivid colors, you should let the fabric dry under partial shade.

If you want to dye it pink, you can make it from peonies, beet roots, ripe red fruits, cherries, and strawberries.

This blend will provide a rich pink texture to the fabric. Chop the fruits, flowers, and vegetables finely and add them in a pot with apple vinegar.

Then, let it boil for at least 20 minutes to get it to acquire an intense texture. You should submerge the fabric in the solution after it has cooled so that we get a much more complete coverage.

If you want to add some bright yellow color to your clothes, you should combine turmeric and carrots. This combination is perfect.

First of all, we should chop the carrot finely and then add it to a cup of hot water. Then, we should mix two teaspoons of turmeric and beat with a spoon.

We can brush the fabric with the brilliant color solution or splash it randomly, in order to create some contemporary design.

The colors such as blue fused with magenta and purple would actually look incredible on your clothing.
But, how can we create a color of this type?

It is actually very easy. In order to prepare these colors you should look for a jar of blueberries, spinach, beetroot and eggplant shells.

First, crush the blueberries and eggplant shells and then blend together with the beetroot and spinach paste. You can use one brush which is soft and then paints the fabric with this vegetable coloring.

Then, let the fabric dry and after that remove the dry residue by rubbing it. After that you will see how incredibly a design similar to batik is created.

You should remember that natural fabrics like linen, wool, muslin, and cotton will dye easier than a synthetic material.

Similar to this, we also recommend you that after dyeing you should wet the fabrics in some cold water in order the color to fix better.

If you are a person who regularly uses chemical dyes in order to cover your gray hair, you should try a new alternative – and what is actually a better option than dyeing your hair naturally?

You can create different shades of red, dark brown and dark bright orange with the help of rosemary, sage and chamomile.

You can cover your hair with a shimmering golden curtain with saffron and walnut shell. You should use finely ground henna and let it soak in warm water overnight.

You should apply the paste on the hair by using a brush and let it act for about 2 hours. Then, rinse well and you will see that your hair will shine with a unique reddish hue.

-How can we do vegetable dye?

You should slowly cook rosemary, walnut shells, chamomile and sage in water for at least 1 hour. You should apply the moist mixture on your hair and then let it dry.

First, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and after that with cold water. This will add some beautiful shine to your hair.

Vegetable dye is actually excellent substitute for chemicals and there are a lot of options for creating plant world colors. So, what are you waiting for?

Try them now!

Source: Natural Care Box

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